Utilize intuitive models to identify microbial hazards for your Food Safety and HACCP Plans.


Define processing and handling conditions for greater flexibility in controlling food safety & quality hazards.


Access published peer-reviewed models to validate preventive controls in your food safety plans.


View and print model outputs that document effectiveness of preventive controls on microbial growth and inactivation.

An intuitive user interface
to easily navigate all models

A quicker way to predictive modelling

Easy and Intuitive

The intuitive user interface allows putting CB Premium predictive models easily into action.

Graphical output

Predictive models displayed both numerically and graphically in on-the-fly dynamic plots


Fully responsive

Optimal viewing and navigation across a wide range of devices, from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones.

Help pages

Clear help and support online documentation explains the different elements of the tool.

Analysis Tools

Extra functionality to improve prediction analysis



CB Premium plots and charts help display predictions under diferent environmental conditions. Predictive curves and reference lines are displayed on the same plot to estimate the relative effect of different enviromental conditions on the bacterial kinetics.



CB Premium numerial results are presented in a clear and neat table format; additional widgets allow to change the input time and temperature units, date settings and static or dynamic conditions


A valuable tool with solid foundations

A decision support tool for the industry that computes predictive models to describe microbial responses in food specific scenarios


Industry, government, academia

A perfect resource to support risk assessment decision-making. It assists industry in designing Food Safety Plans, and helps Government establish science-based risk management policies and guidelines. CB Premium gives academic researchers a place to deposit models and measure impact.

Save resources

Cost effective

CB Premium helps companies minimise microbial testing, which is often a lengthy and expensive process, as well as troubleshoot problems when they occur. It reduces time spent locating models in journals and on various internet sites, by offering them in one intuitive interface.

Food-specific models

Pathogens and spoilage scenarios

Unlike other websites, CB Premium is a repository for models that target specific foods, instead of broth-based models. Both pathogenic and spoilage microorganisms are included, and a wide variety of real foods.

Meeting regulatory standards

Design, implement, validate

Predictive models can be used to design, implement, and validate Food Safety Plans mandated by the US Food Safety Modernization Act (2010). CB Premium targets models described in peer-reviewed publications, which are better recognized by regulatory authorities and researchers.

CB Premium : team, vision and goals

Computational Biology Premium (CB Premium) supports a new era of predictive microbiology and risk-based food safety (e.g. FSMA), by providing the food community with peer-reviewed models accessed via a uniform interface.

Much like ComBase, CB Premium serves as a repository of models and risk management tools. However, what differentiates CB Premium is it’s sole focus on predictive models that have been developed for and validated in real commercial foods.

Since co-founding ComBase in 2000, Dr Mark Tamplin has interacted with numerous members of the food safety community. A universal request was for predictive models applicable to commercial foods. CB Premium was designed to meet this demand.

Our Vision is that CB Premium will be the leading predictive microbiology resource used by small and large food companies to develop and validate process preventive controls. Our Goals to realizing this vision involve actively engaging with the food industry to identify high demand models, and then interacting with and supporting food safety researchers who produce the predictive models that fill these information gaps.

CB Premium supports all lead model authors by providing free access to CB Premium, as well as measuring the number of times users access individual models, thus documenting model impact.

CB Premium is owned by the University of Tasmania, and produced and delivered through the Tasmania Institute of Agriculture.

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CB Premium Team
CB Premium Team
Tasmania Institute of Agriculture
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